Taplynn's Tips for a Safe and Healthy Home - Bedtime Lighting

Navigating a home in the middle of the night can be dangerous!  Experts say it's best to sleep in total darkness because light exposure can limit your body's synthesis of the sleep hormone melatonin. If you wake up at night and need to get out of bed, it helps to have some strategically placed warm-color night lights -- but the light they give off should be dim. Your goal should be to see well enough to avoid hazards, without having to turn on a bright light so that it's easy to fall back to sleep.

The following improvements can lessen the risks associated with moving around the house at night.

• Use plug-in lights to illuminate pathways commonly used at night, like the one between the bed and the bathroom.

• Glow switches. Install glow-in-the-dark light switches to take the guess work out of locating and operating a switch in the dark.

• Consider motion activated fixtures that detect movement and automatically turn on the light; they are good options when a switch is difficult to access, or requires you to cross a dark room to reach it.

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Taplynn's Tip for Night time lighting
Taplynn's Tips for a Safe and Healthy Home