The Most Dangerous Place In Your Home

From toddlers to seniors and everyone in between, bathrooms are the most dangerous room in a home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that every year about 235,000 people over the age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries suffered in the bathroom. Among those, nearly 14 percent are hospitalized. That’s an average of 640 people per day who are injured in their bathrooms all across the United States. Also interesting, younger people were more likely to be hurt in or around the tub, while older people sustained more injuries on or near the toilet.

My favorite tips for a safer bathroom include:

Flooring serves many masters. In the bathroom, it should be moisture-proof, stain-resistant, have a non-skid surface that’s safe even when wet, and be durable enough to stand up to constant foot traffic. Small tiles with an anti-slip finish provide superior traction. Grout lines between glass and ceramic tiles provide texture that also increases traction.

Grab bars are one of the safety features that have traditionally screamed "institutional." Manufacturers now offer "designer grab bars". Whether you love sleek, minimal design or are hooked on traditional, you can have safety without sacrificing style.  

Curbless showers - With some thoughtful planning, the curb (the threshold between the bathroom floor and the shower floor) can be eliminated without reducing the functionality of your shower. Benefits of a curbless shower include elimination of a tripping hazard, improved accessibility and greater ease of use.

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Ridgewood Interiors - The Most Dangerous Place In Your Home
Ridgewood Interiors - The Most Dangerous Place In Your Home