Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start Ridgewood Interiors?

Ridgewood Interiors was formed to meet the needs of discriminating clients who place equal importance on aesthetics, safety and accessibility. With backgrounds in interior design and healthcare, we also understand how priorities change for clients who are contemplating retirement or who are empty nesters. Ridgewood Interiors offers design solutions that meet these needs now and into the future. 

What is your background?

In addition to a degree from the New York School of Interior Design I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I am an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and member of the Rehabilitation Nurses Association (RNA). Relevant experience includes more than thirty years in the healthcare industry and interior design.

What is Universal Design?

The term Universal Design is attributed to Ronald L. Mace, an Architect, who envisioned designing all products and environments to be both esthetically pleasing and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.  Many believe that in the near future all new homes will be designed and built based on universal design principles.

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in Place is the process of making your home so beautiful, safe, and comfortable that you will want to spend the rest of your life in it.

Why hire an Interior Designer

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. We can’t be experts on every topic, so we rely on  companies like Geek Squad to install or repair our technology, mechanics to fix our cars and accountants to do our taxes.  Yet many believe that they don’t need to hire a professional when updating or renovating their most valuable asset – their home.  The popularity of HGTV combined with the misconception that interior designers are an unnecessary luxury leads many home owners to decide that it is easier and cheaper to Do It Yourself.

The reality is that professional designers have been educated on how to avoid costly mistakes.  We know how to manage complex projects and work within your budget. We have built  networks of trusted resources who will get the job done correctly and on time.  We know about the latest products and have access to merchandise that may not be available to the general public. Most importantly, we are problem solvers.  Our knowledge of  interior design includes space planning, scale, lighting, building codes and more. As a result we are more likely to offer solutions that may otherwise have been overlooked.

Lastly, many Interior Designers have specific areas of expertise.  At Ridgewood Interiors, LLC our focus is Universal Design and Aging in Place. We understand the numerous obstacles and inconveniences that exist in most homes today and the challenges that they present even to the young and able bodied. We use innovation to seamlessly integrate esthetics with accessibility.